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Hades, the Land of the Dead, is the central focus of an ancient religion deep underground in the Eastlands. The tenets of this religion state that trespassers in the temple and breakers of the commandments will be sent to the Land of the Dead. Adventurers in the region have described Hades as a desolation, with one corner filled with a pile of mangled bodies, the last remains of less fortunate adventurers. These lost souls cry with thousands of voices lamenting a hideous fate. The gateway to Hades, inscribed with the words "Abandon every hope all ye who enter here!" was once guarded by evil spirits and wraithes. However, the adventurer who would become the Second Dungeon Master used the power of the local religion to call upon an unearthly force to exorcise the spirits, allowing anyone free access to the Land of the Dead.

Helfax was a magician-philosopher, well-known for his opinions on the Implementor legend. He proclaimed that, "A creation of this kind is morally and logically indefensible, and the [Implementor] theory is colossal claptrap and kludgery."

Helistar is an old and powerful member of the Circle of Enchanters. Although a skilled and experienced magic user, she is humorless to the point of being grim. Despite this personality flaw, Helistar was the most likely candidate to become the next Guildmaster of the Circle, until the Jeearr incident.

Hellhound When you spot a hellhound, run in the other direction as fast as you can! Hellhounds are fast, fierce, and capable of devouring a human 12 times their size in 3.5 seconds. They normally inhabit burnt-out or enchanted woods and rarely venture beyond their turf, even in pursuit of prey. Hellhounds are known to inhabit forests near Egreth and Gurth, and they are kept by the Prevaricons and Veritassi, who keep them fed with unwanted visitors. When Festeron was transformed into Witchville by The Evil One, a poodle named Alexis became a ravenous hellhound.

Holnac the Cynic is the only person known to despise Dimithio of Borphee.

Saint Honko, the patron saint of people who play very odd musical instruments, has a holiday in his honor on 31 Mage of each year.

Hoobly was a member of the Guild of Brewers in 966. He gave a speech to the Final Conclave of Enchanters detailing the failure of the magic that brews beer. One of the more volatile speakers at the Conclave, his pronouncement that without magic there could be no beer gave rise to a great concern. Some present that day even went as far as to call Enchanters "traitors."

Hungus Part sheep, part hippopotamus, the hungus builds its nest in jungle swamps such as the Miznia Jungle and other hot, squishy places. Normally docile and eager to avoid conflict or activity of any kind, the hungus is fiercely clannish, and will instantly charge at anything that dares to threaten its kin.

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