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International Business Magic is trying to transfer the "safety net" properties of GNUSTO to a new spell that would work on magic potions.

The Implementors are the subject of much religious and philosophical discussion. Ancient legends tell of the creation of the world by these Implementors, who directed the running of great engines which produced this world and others strange and wondrous, as a test or puzzle for others of their kind. These legends go on to state that these beings stand ready to aid those entrapped within their creation. It is known that the Implementors are a race of minor deities who dwell on the Ethereal Planes of Atrii. Implementors do not discourage the legends that the world was created by them as a plaything, but the idea has been hotly criticized by the magician-philosopher Helfax, who says "A creation of this kind is morally and logically indefensible, and the theory is colossal claptrap and kludgery."

Despite these remarks, worship of the Implementors has become quite common. Four Implementors in particular, Dave Lebling, Marc Blank, Brain Moriarty, and Steve Meretzky, also known as The Bearded Oracle of Yonkers, are all extremely well-loved by the populous. In fact, another part of the legend calls the four Implementors mysterious magi who live in the lands beyond the borders of the world. All that is specifically known about these deities is that their ample free time is spent on costly luncheons where gossip and sweet nectars flow freely.

In 966 GUE it was discovered that the Implementors were once in possession of the fabled Coconut of Quendor, until it was stolen by an Ur-Grue. This fact gives added credence to the Legend of Wishbringer, that tells of a knight slain by the Implementors in search of that Coconut.

Infocom is a leading manufacturer of magic scrolls and potions. One of their most popular products was the Home Sorceror's How-To Library, Volume One of which was the Build-Your-Own Medieval Village set. This set has been advertised in the Popular Enchanting magazine.

Infotaters, which popular legend says were invented by Entharion the Wise, are the best way to store data ever discovered. Borphee Infotaters, Inc. is a chief producer of infotaters, including the "Field Guide to the Creatures of Frobozz."

Inquisition Please see the article on the Inquisition in Appendix E on religions.

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