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J.C. Zorkmids, a shopping mall, often has sales associated with Dimwit Flathead's birthday.

Jeearr The ancient and evil force called Jeearr once spread pestilence and terror across many lands. Only the combined magic of many kings and wizards stopped him, even as he was preparing his final assault. He was imprisoned in the void beyond our world. His jailors warned future generations that his exile might not be permanent; this warning was proved to be accurate when Jeearr returned to the Westlands in 957 GUE.

The first indications of Jeearr's return can be found in the diary of the mage
Belboz. He wrote in his notebook that the demon Jeearr's power could endanger the Circle and possibly the entire kingdom. Without consulting any others, Belboz decided to conduct some dangerous experiments, operating alone to shield the Circle from the perils involved.

These experiments left Belboz open to the power of Jeearr. This monstrous creature used Belboz's body as a host, intertwining himself throughout Belboz's mind. In visual terms Jeearr could be described as a giant spider with millions of legs, feasting on the body and spirit of Belboz. It was in this pathetic condition that Belboz was forced by Jeearr to leave the Council Hall in Accardi and travel to Egreth, where he would become the physical embodiment of the demon as he furthered his plans.

Fortunately for the world, the same Enchanter who defeated Krill found Jeearr's lair and exorcised him from the body of Belboz. At this point the demon became a wispy translucent shape that warned the Enchanter in a deep voice of the inevitability of his epoch of evil, a reign of terror that would last a thousand thousand years. Jeearr claimed that he had stolen all of the knowledge and secrets of Belboz and was ready to put them to use. His plan was foiled when the VARDIK spell prevented him from entering the body of the Enchanter. Without a host to feed on, Jeearr could not survive. Thanks to the cleverness of the Enchanter, Jeearr was left without such a host, and is gone for all eternity.

Jesters employ physical, verbal, and magical tricker, usually for the entertainment of king and court in the days of the Empire. The last Royal Jester, the favorite of Lord Wurb Flathead, Barbazzo Fernap is now known to have been one of several identities assumed by the mage Megaboz to ensure the success of his Curse to overthrow the Empire.

Jewel of Jerrimore The legend of the accursed Jewel of Jerrimore can trace its origins to the third century Before Entharion in the northlands of Frobozz. This jewel, which in most versions of the legend is a star sapphire, is said to have been cursed by the Mage of Jerrimore as he lay upon his deathbed. As he sickened, this powerful but twisted wizard became convinced that his enemies had poisoned him to gain possession of his greatest treasure, the Jewel of Jerrimore. With his dying breath, he loosed a great and evil curse upon the Jewel and all who would possess it.

After the Mage's death, each of his heirs took possesion of the jewel; each held it jealously, mistrusting any who might look upon it; each became obsessed with the greed and treachery they perceived around them; and each came to early and horrible deaths. Thus grew the legend of the cursed Jewel. Although the legends vary, all versions say that the Jewel travelled through many lands, always leaving a wake of misery and death, and became lost for many years in an iron mine near the Flathead Fjord. The entrance to the iron mine is marked by a warning of inevitable death to anyone who takes the Jewel.

In the year 883 a daring adventurer entered the iron mine to take the sapphire, using it as part of a complex plot that would eventually result in the fall of the Great Underground Empire. The final fate of the Jewel is not known.

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