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Kaluzniacki, the inventor of the NONAV spell, was responsible for the modernization of navigation via magical aids.

Kobolds are very capable fighters. If attacked, they will fight back; if not attacked, they will fight back anyway. They look very similar to the less aggressive paskalds, but can be easily identified because their middle toe is slightly shorter than the toes that flank it. Kobolds live in small tribes in caverns or in very dark forests.

Korboz A moderately famous hermit enchanter who lived in a hovel in Fublio Valley. Apparently Korboz' ego far excelled his reputation, as a sign outside his tiny shack proclaimed: "Korboz the Magnificent."

The Kovalli Desert lies beyond the mountains that formed the western boundary of ancient Quendor. It is an uncrossable wasteland believed to stretch to the edge of the world.

Krill was a powerful warlock who plotted to overthrow the Circle of Enchanters and enslave the kingdom. He almost achieved his goal, but was banished to another plane of existence by a young Enchanter in the 940s. Krill, a master magician, always wore black. His yellow eyes were the only visible part of his body. He launched his evil plan from the castle Largoneth, where he and his misshapen followers built a huge, primitive temple to a demon. Krill would regularly engage in human sacrifice to this demon, and it is possible that this demon was the source of his immense powers. Whatever the source of his magic, it now seems that he was too powerful for his own good. The mage Belboz knew that a powerful Enchanter would easily be detected and destroyed by Krill, so the Guild of Enchanters sent a novice to vanquish their foe. Krill, in his arrogance, overlooked the source of his eventual downfall.

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