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Sergeant MacGuffin is the chief of the Festeron Police. Festeron's finest is noted for his love of chocolate and his tendency to fall asleep on duty. When Festeron was transformed to Witchville by The Evil One, MacGuffin became the head of the dreaded Boot Patrol that arrested curfew violators.

Magicland is a leading manufacturer of magic scrolls and potions.

Marba is a port in Antharia. The 20-bloit conveyor belt at Marba is a famous tourist attraction.

Mareilon was one of the ancient cities united by Entharion the Wise to form the Kingdom of Quendor. Mareilon was destroyed in 773 GUE when the so-called Endless Fire was started. This fire burned Mareilon for 4 weeks after a civil servant who thought he was casting ZEMDOR ("turn original into triplicate") instead cast ZIMBOR ("turn one really big city into lots of tiny, little ashes"). The destruction of Mareilon caused Lord Dimwit Flathead (the Excessive) to issue a series of 5,521 edicts over the following few weeks, which had the effect of severely limiting access to magic, and incidentally, lawyers.

Megaboz was a mysterious, powerful wizard who lived a hermit's life in Fublio Valley. His unassuming shack was adorned with wall hangings and poems. He was one of the few enchanters whose talent measured up to his ego. According to one of his tapestries, we should "Forget the rest; Megaboz is the best." Megaboz and his ego wrote themselves into the history books in 789 GUE when he appeared in the midst of Lord Dimwit Flathead's banquet hall, surrounded by a ball of smoke. Survivors of the occasion remember the gaunt, bearded man fuming in anger at "the statue [of Lord Dimwit] that now darkens [his home of] Fublio." Unaware or unimpressed with Dimwit's importance, he proclaimed that "No man, be he peasant or king, crosses Megaboz the Magnificent," and proceeded to curse Dimwit's life, his family, and his Empire. Dimwit and his siblings all died instantaneously, but the court magicians managed to postpone the rest of the Curse for 94 years.

The story of Megaboz does not end here, however. When he disappeared in a ball of fire, he was assumed dead. It is now known that he took the guise of a Royal Jester in the court of Wurb Flathead, 94 years later, and also magically assumed the identity of the famous painter Frobesius Fublius. Oddly enough, Megaboz, in the guise of the jester, chose to assist one of the people who attempted to halt the Curse in 883 GUE. This unnamed individual was the descendant of a servant of Lord Dimwit who had managed to come across a parchment that hinted at how to stop the Curse. The servant of Wurb Flathead used the parchment, now a family heirloom, to attempt to halt the Curse. Megaboz, whose motives are extremely unclear, provided assistance to this servant, who successfully found the items necessary to stop the Curse. However, Megaboz had the last laugh.

His Curse was apparently much more complicated than had been assumed; the Empire was destroyed anyway, and Flatheadia along with it. However, Megaboz awarded the unknown servant with half the riches of the kingdom, and awesome magical powers. This servant assumed control of the Great Underground Empire, and became known as the Dungeon Master. To this day it is not clear why Megaboz chose to aid someone who was attempting to halt his Curse, nor is it known why this individual was rewarded by Megaboz for his actions. In any case, Megaboz was responsible for the downfall of a kingdom that had survived for over 800 years, since the age of Entharion the Wise.

Wilbar Memboob co-authored The Granola Riots with Gustar Woomax.

Mines of Mendon Although the location of these mines is a mystery, it is an Antharian legend that one brave knight who sought the hand of Princess Morning-Star entered the mines to slay a grue but, lost without a lamp, the knight himself was soon devoured.

Minx Irresistably cuddle, the minx shares all the most ingratiating characteristics of kittens, koala bears, and piglets. Minxes are highly prized for their ability to find and root out chocolate truffles from the ground, and will eagerly devour them if given the opportunity. It is well known that some peasant hunters in the Thriff area keep minxes as pets, although they do not always treat them as well as they deserve.

Mirror Lake is a legendary spot in the Gray Mountains that few have visited since the fall of the Empire. While not all aspects of this frictionless frozen "lake" are fully known, it is believed that the lake has certain powers, not the least of which is its ability to reveal the true magical nature of certain objects. Frank Lloyd Flathead's chalet lies somewhere to the west.

Misty Island lies on a lake near the eastern coast of Antharia, a brief trip from Festeron. Misty Island is the site of the platypus kingdom of Anatinus, whose castle lies nestled among the cliffs of that island.

A Mithican chameleon's skin is said to be able to imitate any color the eye can see... and more.

Mithicus is a small, mountainous province sandwiched between Gurth and Miznia in the Westlands. This province is well-known for its fine artisans, and is a popular vacation spot. The Mithicus Mountains separate Quendor from Kovalli, and are home to a thriving settlement of platypi. The provinces of Gurth and Mithicus are governed jointly from Gurth City by an informal board of 13,000 citizens that meets three times each day to settle disputes and ratify the provincial budget. Research has shown that the best place for lodging in Mithicus is the No-Frill Inn.

Mithicus Province University, Babe Flathead's alma mater, is probably a Moss-League college, but is better known for athletic prominence in the Quendor Collegiate Athletic Association.

Miznia is a chiefly jungle province, located at the southern fringe of the Westlands. The capital of this province is Mizniaport. A noted tourist attraction in Miznia is the Miznia Jungle Skyway. Built in 882, this skyway flies over the Miznia Jungle. This jungle is a dangerous breeding ground of hellhounds, crocodiles, and hungi. The Miznia Jungle was for many years the resting place of Y'Syska's Crocodile's Tear.

Mizniaport is the capital of Miznia Province. Near the Miznia Jungle and the Great Sea, Mizniaport is noted for its fashion boutiques, a Skyway tourist route, and former unicorn stables.

Monkey Grinder Avoid this nightmare at any cost! Spawn of a carnival necromancer, the monkey grinder can blast minds to jelly with its powerful Sense Organ. These creatures seem to have powerful control over energy and space, allowing them to come and go as they please. Extremely arrogant, monkey grinders will not hesitate to destroy a lowly peasant with the help of its Sense Organ and a magic hurdy-gurdy. Deceptively eloquent in both manner and speech, these loathsome creatures actually possess little intelligence, and suffer an illiteracy rate of 103%. This stupidity is, in fact, their Achilles' Heel. By tricking the creature into thinking it is receiving a gift, one could actually give it a one-way portal to the Planes of TransInfinite Splendor, banishing it forever.

Morgia Root It is a rare enchanter who does not carry morgia root to gnaw on during a long journey. The mint-flavored juice improves stamina, slakes thirst, and conceals bad breath. In domestic applications, morgia root is often baked into pies, and makes an excellent platypus stuffing. This root grows only in the Westlands, and specifically in the platypus kingdom of the Mithicus Mountains. The morgia is the official flower of Gurth and Mithicus, where a tavern in Grubbo-by-the-Sea serves exquisite morgia root pie. An entry in an earlier edition of this Encyclopedia describes morgia as a beautiful and exotic plant that is well-known for its susceptibility to magic spells.

Morning-Star, according to the legend of Wishbringer, was a daughter of a peasant home on Misty Island. Queen Alexis, jealous of Morning-Star's beauty, caused her home to burn. Morning-Star's parents were killed, and she was raised as Alexis' daughter. As Morning-Star grew up, Queen Alexis vowed in secret that none could have her hand, and gave all of Morning-Star's suitors difficult Love-Quests to fulfill. After the death of six suitors, the Edict of Alexis decreed that Morning-Star must die a virgin. The legend states that the heart of Morning-Star hardened, turned to stone and became the magic stone Wishbringer.

Moss League The league of distinguished colleges for Yuppies, or Young Underground Professionals. Galepath University and GUE Tech are both Moss League Schools.

Moss of Mareilon First classified in 843 GUE by Thwack of Mareilon, this soft, pale fungus thrives in underground tunnels and public toilets. When squeezed, the moss releases an invisible cloud of spores which improve the dexterity of laboratory rats and certain humans. Its effects on other species is uncertain. Moss of Mareilon can be found in the cellar of the Broken Lantern in Grubbo-by-the-Sea, in the underground stomach of the Crocodile Idol, and in caverns in the Mithicus Mountains, to name only a few locations.

Mount Matter-Horn is described in the Legend of Wishbringer as a mountain peak close to the spirits in the sky. A knight, seeking the hand of Morning-Star, attempted to climb the Mount to seek advice from the spirits, but instead fell to his death.

As the names of mountains are changed throughout the ages, it is not now specifically known which peak was formerly known as Matter-Horn, but in recent years scientists have speculated that this peak, as described in the Legend, would be as large as Mount Foobia, and is very likely the place where the Great Brogmoid standing on our world would place his other foot.

Froboz Mumbar is the author of the well-known book, The Great Underground Empire: A History, published in 896 GUE. This book is the source of many historical details quoted by this Encyclopedia.

Hirax Mumbleton, the Governor of Antharia, was the third husband of Lucrezia Flathead. He died two days after the wedding, smothered under a ton of raw granola.

Mumbo I was the tenth king of the Entharion Dynasty. He came to the throne in 545 GUE, after Thaddium Fzort, and was succeeded by Bozbo III in 569 GUE.

Mumbo II was the thirteenth king of the Entharion Dynasty. He came to the throne in 619 GUE, after Bozbo IV, and was succeeded by Zilbo III in 628 GUE. Mumbo II's favorite pet was a turtle.

Mysterion the Brave was the second king of the Entharion Dynasty. He came to the throne in 41 GUE, after the death of Entharion, and was succeeded by Zylon the Aged in 55 GUE.

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