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Nabiz are mostly mouth, which is mostly teeth. They instinctively sense their enemy's weakest point when attacking. Contrary to folklore, they cannot fly, but they can leap tremendous distances. Nabiz are repulsed by the color blue, which explains that color's popularity in adventurers' garb.

Nate was the owner of a discount scroll house located at 308 Besnap Road, in Borphee. For what it's worth, Nate's scroll house advertised in the well-known magazine Popular Enchanting in the year 957.

Lord Nimbus is mentioned in the Legend of Wishbringer as being an unsympathetic and violent God of Rain who caused the death of one of the suitors of Morning-Star.

North-South City is located underground near Lenko Cavern somewhere in the Great Underground Empire.

Nymphs are small, spritelike creatures that are employed for all various sorts of labor throughout the Great Underground Empire. Many different types of nymphs exist: guard nymphs employed at Bozbarland, warning nymphs employed by certain Enchanters' Guilds, serving nymphs, and even dancing nymphs. Nymph labor is so valuable that nymph referral services have been created to assist short-handed employers.

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