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Ragweed is a variety of weed known to produce violent allergic reactions in some ogres. The only ragweed plants reported have been in the Eastlands, specifically found in Ragweed Gulch.

The Ragweed Gulch was the site of a famous battle in 789 GUE, notable for the death of T.J. "Stonewall" Flathead, when he was accidentally shot by one of his own men on 14 Mumberbur.

Rat-Ants are vicious, fierce creatures that, oddly enough, have the characteristics of both a rat and an ant. When magic began to fail in 966 packs of these creatures headed into human towns and villages, most notably Grubbo-by-the-Sea.

Razor Gorge is a famous chasm, spanned by a remarkable bridge, between Accardi and the local Enchanters' Guild Hall.

A Rebus is an illustration whose component pictures spell out a word or words, usually through the addition and subtraction of sounds or letters. The most famous creator of rebi was Frobesius Fublius, whose works were on display in Flatheadia Castle.

Red Herring These common fish patrol the dark recesses of freshwater pools and streams, but a handful of granola brings them racing to the surface, a fact known by every rural schoolboy. The old adage about red herrings being "good brain food" has no scientific basis.

Roc - a roc is a legendary bird of prey of tremendous size and strength. Rocs are known to live in the Eastlands, both underground and high in the Flathead Mountains. They are fiercely protective of their young. A word to the wise: if you are captured by a roc and brought to its nest, do not threaten its egg!

Rockville Estates was an upscale housing complex planned by the Frobozz Magic Construction Company for a piece of prime cavern space on the Great Underground Highway near Flatheadia. It was advertised as "The new, prestigious address for the discriminating Young Underground Professional." Occupancy of its 64 units began in spring 881 GUE. The Rockville Estates was designed by the renowned architect, Zylo Pickthorn, and the Managing Foreman for the project was Quizbo Frotzwit.

The Rose Riots of 811 GUE were the result of rumors that the compass rose can actually control the wind. These rumors were hotly denied by the Guild of Meteorologists, who harvested the species to the brink of extinction during these Rose Riots.

Rotgrub - Less than an inch long, the rotgrub lies waiting in food. Once ingested, the rotgrub heads straight for its victim's brain and begins feeding. Rotgrub death is excruciatingly painful and lasts years before a welcome demise. They are totally impervious to all forms of magic, and, even worse, smell like very old cheese.

I.Q. Roundhead wrote ten volumes discussing the engravings in the caves of the Great Underground Empire, and concluded only that the ancient inhabitants of those caverns were very strange people.

The Royal Museum, built by Lord Dimwit Flathead in 776 GUE, and dedicated by him the following year, houses the crown jewels, a technology display, and a famous royal puzzle in the form of a sandstone and marble maze. The technology display contains items generously provided by FrobozzCo International, such as a Temporizer, Pressurizer, and Room-Spinner. It is of slight historical interest that the adventurer who would eventually become the second Dungeon Master used the Royal Museum's Temporizer to travel back in time to 776 GUE to steal one of the crown jewels. This resulted in a dramatic increase in security measures by Dimwit Flathead. He had originally intended that the museum be built under 2 miles of mountain and surrounded by 500 feet of steel, but had to settle for a less excessive construction plan. The theft of his royal ring no doubt led to a greater eccentric excessiveness on his part.

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