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Scrystone - A magical grey orb fashioned out of black and white hemispheres. This sphere grants visions of things yet to be to those who are gifted enough to understand them.

Sea Lion - The sea lion is a deadly creature known to inhabit the Sea of Mithicus.

Sea of Mithicus - This sea is known to be a great place to scuba dive, but at your own risk. The sea lions in the area can be quite dangerous.

Sea Serpents - Sea serpents are a rare breed of dangerous aquatic predators. It is known that the Wizard of Frobozz actually kept a baby sea serpent as a pet.

The Shadowland, also known as the Land of Shadows, is a barren area of rolling hills, south of Flatheadia and deep underground. It lies near the point where the Great Sea's eastern shore dips underground, and has frequent patches of quicksand as a result.

Giant Slugs - Giant slugs are essentially immense versions of the tiny garden slugs we all know and love. One giant slug encountered in the ruins of a lighthouse near Grubbo-by-the-Sea was as long as a human is tall. These slugs defend themselves by spraying their attacker with vile ichors.

Snarfem, a two-player game of removing pebbles, originated in Mithicus and comes from an ancient Mithican word meaning "to collect pebbles or small stones." The purpose of snarfem is to remove the correct amount of pebbles during each turn that will force the opponent to take the last pebble.

Sneffle was a member of the Guild of Bakers in 966. He gave a speech to the Final Conclave of enchanters detailing the failure of the GLOTH spell. Sneffle, dependent on magic, was overwhelmed by the prospect of a world where the pastries have to be handmade.

Snow Wight - A snow wight is a vicious monster that hides in snowdrifts waiting for a victim. Armed with long, sharp teeth and claws, a wight is quite a menace, and any poorly-equipped adventurer is advised to stay away from one. The only recent snow wight sightings have been in the southern mountains near Thriff.

Spenseweed - There has been much controversy about the true nature of this plant. "The Lore and Legends of Quendor" has this to say: "The healing virtues of this common roadside plant are well documented. Although it is safe to eat, spenseweed is most effective when applied directly to wounds as a salve." This publication also advises us to "avoid the cheap commercial preparations, which may contain artificial coloring and preservatives." A plant matching this description has been found in the Westlands, growing among the ruins of Pheebor, and near the village of Grubbo-by-the-Sea.

However, early editions of the
Encyclopedia Frobozzica call spenseweed "a deep-rooting underwater plant." Once established, it can usually only be removed by using certain spells of wilting. The 883 GUE edition of this publication stated that the misconception of spenseweed as a roadside weed is grossly inaccurate. Spenseweed of the underwater variety has been seen flourishing in the western edge of the Great Sea, and in a fish tank in Flatheadia. The truth about spenseweed is not yet known, although it is suspected that the underwater spenseweed might simply be another name for the morgia plant.

Giant Spiders - Giant spiders are dangerous creatures sometimes found in abandoned buildings. They are identical to their smaller cousins in every respect except for their tendency to feed on careless peasants.

The Stonewall was the sight of the Battle of The Stonewall in 747 GUE. According to military historians, The Stonewall was a strategically vital locale, commanding the two most important caverns of the Eastlands. T.J. "Stonewall" Flathead earned his nickname and his reputation at the Battle of The Stonewall. When reports arrived that rebellious natives had captured The Stonewall, T.J. and his garrison were assigned the mission of retaking it. After a battle lasting seven weeks, during which T.J.'s men suffered a casualty rate of nearly 75%, the garrison stormed The Stonewall.

Once in command of it, they discovered that the reports had been erroneous: The Stonewall was completely undefended, and the supposedly rebellious natives were actually all vacationing in the Gray Mountains. Nevertheless, T.J. Flathead's tactics and strategies during the "battle" were considered brilliant, and he would henceforth be known as Stonewall Flathead.

Surmin - From their malodorous breath to their lice-ridden fur, surmins are utterly repulsive creatures. If they get close enough, they can bore their victims to death by reciting Greater Borphee County Penal Codes.

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