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Princess Tasmania is the daughter of the platypus King Anatinus of Misty Island. Tasmania, much beloved by her people, was twice rescued by a heroic employee of the Festeron Postal Service. This hero, also responsible for the defeat of The Evil Ove, saved Tasmania after she had both fallen in a pit and been captured by "Corky" Crisp, a henchman of The Evil One. The story of the rescue of Tasmania will live in platypus legend forever.

Temporal Travel Technology, though in existence for many centuries, is still considered to be experimental by the magic industry. Several government agencies are currently looking into its potential long-term effects.

As this is written, magic companies are using temporal travel to deliver products before they are ordered, and there is also a time travel spell called GOLMAC. Also, the ancient Hourglass of Phee allows travel backwards and forwards in time, although only in Phee itself. It is also known that another hourglass of time travel is mystically connected to one of the
Cubes of Foundation. This hourglass allows travel to the early days of an age-old castle in the Eastlands. Another time travel spell is GIRGOL, which stops time but allows the caster to move about as normal for a brief amount of "time."

The Thaumaturgical Institute produced the first reliable Hyperbolic Incantation Concentrator (magic wand) in 723 GUE.

Thriff - The strange wandering village of Thriff has, at one time or another, been located in most of the provinces of the Westlands. Rumor has it that Orkan, Guildmaster of Thriff's enchanters, constantly moves the town in an attempt to find a more benevolent climate for his terrible hayfever. In 966 Thriff was located just south of the Miznia jungle, and Orkan had recorded in his diary that he moved the village on July 26 by gating it through the Ethereal Plane of Atrii, because he hated the northern climes they were in previously. Here the village probably remained forever, because eighteen days later the Final Conclave of enchanters, of which Orkan was one, helped to bring the Age of Magic to a close, thus putting an end to Thriff's wanderings.

Thwack of Mareilon classified the Moss of Mareilon in 843 GUE.

Toads A race of these creatures live somewhere beyond the oceans of the world. Seafarers report that these toads are ugly, cantankerous, and eternally hungry. The only specimen of these of these toads ever brought back to civilization was a pet of John Paul Flathead. This toad, named Otto, was not only ugly, but bright blue and as large as a small shack. In 883 Otto had the good fortune to eat the Four Fantastic Flies of Famathria, the objects of utmost culinary lust among his species.

Cardinal Toolbox was the spiritual guide of the Thriff religious community in the year 966 GUE. The most important event during his time as Cardinal was the invasion of the Christmas tree monsters. Toolbox went for days during this dangerous time without any sleep, leading a silent prayer vigil in hopes that the monsters would be destroyed by mightier powers.

The Tower of Bozbar, an ancient game of unknown origin, consists of three pegs and a pile of weights. The goal is to move the pile from one peg to another, moving one weight at a time, with the constraint that no weight can ever be placed atop a smaller weight. Many people say that the Tower of Bozbar is a superb method of mental relaxation.

The Treaty of Znurg, signed on 5 Jam 474 GUE, ended the Zucchini Wars.

Troll - A troll is a large, stupid monster that lives underground, in caves, or under bridges. One of the few specimens of a troll found in the wild was one that had taken residence in the Great Underground Empire in the Eastlands after the fall of the Empire. The Evil One also used a troll to guard the entrance to Witchville. Readers acquainted with the writings of Leonardo Flathead will undoubtedly be aware of his major treatise proving that the world actually rests on the head of an enormous troll, rather than the back of a giant turtle.

The Tunnels of Love are a favorite among the Kingdom's honeymooners, located a stone's throw from Aragain Falls. The Tunnels are well-known for their vast honeycomb of passageways, and couples have been known to raise entire families just trying to find their rooms. In 873, the only year on record, rates ranged from Zm 2 for a room to Zm 10 for a Honeymoon Suite.

Turtles In the Great Underground Empire turtles can grow to enormous size and have incredible longevity. One such turtle, residing on the beach near Largoneth, was once the favored pet of King Mumbo II. This turtle helped an enchanter defeat the Warlock Krill in the 940s, and was particularly proud of his rainbowcolored shell, an enchantment cast on him in the 860s.

The Twenty Treasures of Zork are a well-known part of the story of Zork. In 948 GUE a brave adventurer traveled through the tunnels of the Eastland Underground, and on his way to becoming the second Dungeon Master, one of his tasks to prove his worth was to acquire the Twenty Treasures. These treasures were a jewelencrusted egg, a clockwork canary, a beautiful painting that was probably one of the lost works of Leonardo Flathead, a brass bauble, a pot of gold, a platinum bar, an ivory torch, a gold coffin, an Egyptian sceptre, a trunk of jewels, a crystal trident, a jade figurine, a sapphire bracelet, a huge diamond, a bag of coins that were probably zorkmids, a crystal skull, a jeweled scarab, a large emerald, a silver chalice, and an ancient map. It is not quite clear whether the treasures were created by the first Dungeon Master, or were all relics of the Great Underground Empire.

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