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Ugh - The unit of weight in the Great Underground Empire. A 100-ugh weight is, for the normal person, quite heavy, and it is necessary to drop everything to carry it.

U-Mart, a shopping mall, often has sales associated with Dimwit Flathead's birthday.

Unicorn - A unicorn is a magical horselike animal with a single horn in its forehead. Most unicorns have fled to the Plane of TransInfinite Splendor, where they enjoy a carefree existence free from the cruelty of man. The unhappy few left behind are eagerly sought by zoos and private collectors. One such private collector in Mizniaport actually had his last unicorn freed by a peasant who was on a quest to recover the Coconut of Quendor.

Unicorns are sometimes used as combat mounts against their wills. It is also known that a royal princess in the Eastlands of the Great Underground Empire was able to charm a unicorn so that she was the only one who could approach and ride it.

It is good luck to kiss a unicorn's horn, but woe to any fool who harms one.

The Unnatural Acts were written by King Duncanthrax on 9 Dismembur 672 GUE. These acts provided stiff penalties for those convicted of selling "Unnatural or Supernatural substances." The motivation for this legislation lay in charlatans who regularly fooled the gullible population into buying potions which claimed to do such things as "reverse hair loss" and "draw Trebled Fromps in Double Fanucci." The restrictions of the Unnatural Acts were eventually loosened, allowing the foundation of the first chapter of the Guild of Enchanters by the great thaumaturge Vilboz.

The Unseen Terror is a shapeless and formless manifestation of evil. Many centuries ago, this Terror was disturbed from millenia of sleep. It was so powerful that it required the combined wisdom of all the leading enchanters of that age to conquer it. A book of legends found in the Largoneth Library tells how these enchanters lured the Terror "to a recess deep within the earth" by placing there a powerful spell scroll. When it had reached the scroll, the enchanters trapped it there with a spell that encased it in the living rock. The Terror was so horrible that none would dare speak of it, and because of this, many years later this tale was considered to be quite fanciful. No other chroniclers of the age mention the Terror in any form.

However, in the 940s GUE, a novice enchanter exploring Largoneth with the intention of defeating Krill found the location of the Terror's prison underneath the Largoneth dungeon. This enchanter managed to retrieve the GUNCHO spell that had lured the Terror underground, while still keeping the Terror entrapped. It is known that during the final hours of the confrontation, Krill pondered the idea of using the Terror for his own purposes, but the plan came to naught.

Ur-Grue - Ur-grues are thought to be the shades of fallen Implementors. Skilled in black sorcerory, the ur-grue can envelop itself in a personal zone of darkness which neither lamp nor flame can penetrate. Sunlight is the only thing it fears. It is unwise even to speak of this utterly evil entity.

What little we know about ur-grues is based on a random encounter in the year 966. A humble peasant stumbled into the lair of this creature deep under the Mithicus Mountains, and was able to discover that an ur-grue is actually an Implementor (resembling nothing more than an old man) who had assumed control of the body of a grue, and was using it as his guise. This particular ur-grue was noteworthy for his theft of the
Coconut of Quendor from his former companions, the Implementors. Although his motives are unclear, it is possible that this ur-grue hoped to seize control of the entire world.

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