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Yellow Grotch - These small creatures who prefer to live in hayfields are one of the favorite prey of Giant Corbies.

Y'Gael was an Enchantress present at the final Conclave of Enchanters in Borphee in 966. When the Guildmaster departed on his quest, Y'Gael realized that the Age of Magic was coming to a close. She proposed storing all of the knowledge and heritage of the Age of Magic in the Coconut of Quendor. When an obscure peasant was sent to recover the Coconut, Y'Gael was able to assist the peasant in his quest by following him via the Ethereal Planes of Atrii. She assumed the role of a shopkeeper in several cities in order to keep track of his progress. It is now speculated that she might have assumed the role of shopkeeper once before, in Festeron, Antharia, to combat The Evil One, who might have been her sister. Once the anonymous peasant found the Coconut of Quendor, Y'Gael used her abilities to ensure that, with the help of the Coconut, the Age of Magic would never be forgotten.

Yiggam - The glassmaster of the Antharia Guild in the year 966. A resident of the Peltoid Valley, Yiggam was commissioned by the Frobozz Magic Equipment Company to handblow beakers, tubes, and swizzle sticks.

Yipple - The yipple is a master of disguise, able to alter form to match its surroundings. If disturbed in the wild, some yipples may bite. They make wonderful pets, but should never be allowed to rest in the cookie jar if guests are expected. Yipples are violently allergic to many kinds of animal wastes.

Yooman, the Musician Mage, was the teacher of Dimithio of Borphee.

Y'Syska - An evil sorceress whose collection of gems and minerals was without compare. At one time she owned the Crocodile's Tear, which she protected by hiding it in the Miznia jungle. Survivors of the jungle came back to report that the Crocodile's Tear rested on a large idol. This idol, possibly a construction of Y'Syska, but more likely a remnant of a forgotten religion, was in the shape of a Crocodile the size of a subway train. Anyone wishing to steal Y'Syska's jewel would have to climb the idol without sliding into its mouth, and becoming trapped. It is rumored that the same peasant who recovered the Coconut of Quendor also successfully stole the Crocodile's Tear, but this is not a confirmed report. Y'Syska's final fate in unknown.

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