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Sybar Zeebin is the author of a history of the fall of the Great Underground Empire called The Dark Age of Frobozz.

Zeke ran an underground appliance store that was an official outlet for all Frobozz Magic Appliances. Zeke's store was located just off Great Underground Highway # 2, near Egreth.

Zeno was a builder of magic bridges, who lived during an unknown period. A moderately well-known bridge built by Zeno is one that crosses the Phee River. This bridge confounds many travelers with the odd fact that when you attempt to cross it, you only travel half the distance you want to go, and hence you never get where you are going.

Zilbeetha - This is one of the oldest and dearest legends in the annals of Quendor. Zilbeetha, a beautiful maiden, somehow angered an evil mage, and was placed under enchantment and turned into a crystal orb on the very day that she was to be wed. The heartbroken groom, who is always depicted holding a fragile bloom, sought help from the wizard's goodly twin. The good wizard turned the groom to stone, that he might stay young until the day Zilbeetha was returned to him. The legend also has an ominous note; returning a false orb would result in death.

In the year 883 this legend was revealed to be true fact, and was concluded on a happy note. The adventurer who would eventually become the first
Dungeon Master was able to find the orb of Zilbeetha deep underground in the Eastlands, and return it to the groom's statue, near the Flathead Fjord. The loving couple was finally reunited, and lived happily ever after.

Zilbo I was the fourth king of the Entharion Dynasty. He came to the throne in 398 GUE, after Zylon the Aged, and was succeeded by Bozbo I in 423 GUE.

Zilbo II was the sixth king of the Entharion Dynasty. He came to the throne in 429 GUE, after Bozbo I, and was succeeded by Harmonious Fzort.

Zilbo III was the fourteenth and final king of the Entharion Dynasty. He came to the throne in 628 GUE, after Mumbo II, and was succeeded by Duncanthrax the Bellicose, the first king of the Flathead Dynasty, on the last day of 659 GUE. Little is known about what became of Zilbo after 659. Some say he was killed during the palace revolt, or simply died from too much reveling while celebrating the upcoming New Year. There is evidence that he was exiled to a Mithican villa, where he invented the card game Double Fanucci.

Zorbel Pass - This wide pass through the Flathead Mountains, at the southern end of the range, connects the Fublio and Frigid River Valleys. The Zorbel Pass was the site of the Diablo Massacre in 666 GUE.

Zork is a classic folk myth about a treasure-hunting adventurer who became a master of magic. It has been translated into novels, theatricals, giant wall murals... almost every imaginable medium. Like most myths, Zork has its basis in reality. In 948 an unknown adventurer near the former sight of Flatheadia ventured underground, claimed the Twenty Treasures of Zork, defeated the Wizard of Frobozz, and became the second Dungeon Master.

Zorkmid - The zorkmid was the unit of currency of the Great Underground Empire, and is still used in most parts of the kingdom today. The first zorkmid was minted on Augur 16, 699 GUE, during the reign of Belwit the Flat. This coin bore the likeness of Belwit, the year, and the coin's value on the front, while on the back it had a picture of Egreth Castle, with the motto "In Frobs We Trust" stamped in two different languages. Zorkmids of different denominations were issued, including the 500 and 10,000 zm coins, and the 100 zm bill. The largest issue was a 100,000 zm bill. Only one of these was ever printed, at the request of J. Pierpont Flathead.

The Zucchini Wars, which devastated seven provinces during the fifth century, were finally ended by the Treaty of Znurg in 474 GUE.

Zurfs - Zurfs are a suit of cards in the game of Double Fanucci.

Zylon the Aged was the third king of the Entharion Dynasty. He ruled Quendor for the remarkably long period from 55 to 389 GUE.
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