The Entharion Dynasty The Flathead Dynasty
Entharion the Wise0-41 Duncanthrax the Bellicose659-688
Mysterion The Brave41-55 Belwit the Flat688-701
Zylon the Aged55-398 Frobwit the Flatter701-727
Zilbo I398-423 Timberthrax Flathead727-738
Bozbo I423-429 Phloid Flathead738-755
Zilbo II429-451 Mumberthrax Flathead755-770
Harmonious Fzort451-477 Dimwit Flathead770-789
Bozbo II477-481 Loowit Flathead789-813
Thaddium Fzort481-545 Duncwit Flathead813-843
Mumbo I545-569 Barbawit Flathead843-845
Bozbo III569-575 Idwit Oogle Flathead845-881
Bozbo IV575-619 Wurb Flathead881-883
Mumbo II619-628
Zilbo III628-659
This table shows the rulers of Quendor, later known as
The Great Underground Empire, through its collapse in 883 GUE.