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Accardi-by-the-Sea is a small village in the Westlands by the coast of the Great Sea, near Borphee Harbor. Accardi's most famous geographic feature is the nearby Razor Gorge, a deadly chasm carved by a branch of the Borphee River. Because most enchanters prefer the quiet of a town such as Accardi over the hustle and bustle of a larger city, Accardi has become a center of the magic industry. The Accardi Guild of Enchanters is one of the most influential in the entire land, and has given rise to such famous magic-users as the Wizard of Frobozz and Belboz.

Mumboz Agrippa was, at one point, a foreman for the Frobozz Magic Cave Company. Heavily involved with the hollowing of an ancient volcano in the Eastlands, his job was related to the safety factors involved in constructing caverns over very weak rock strata. He also authored the book "Construction of the Empire".

Queen Alexis was, according to the Legend of Wishbringer, the wife of Anatinus, and Queen of Misty Island in ancient days. The legend tells that Queen Alexis' daughter, cursed by fate and prophecy, was born blind. To ease her heavy heart, Alexis kidnapped the peasant girl Morning-Star, and raised her as the Princess. When Morning-Star came of age, Alexis' awful envy caused her make six tough Love-Quests to the knights seeking to marry Morning-Star, and eventually to decree that her daughter "must remain unmarried and virgin all her days." This Edict caused Morning-Star's heart to harden into the magic stone Wishbringer.

Amathrodonis was a terrible giant who terrorized Accardi-By-The-Sea for many centuries. He was finally vanquished by Belboz the Necromancer in 952 GUE, when the enchanter used showy pyrotechnical magic to destroy the giant.

The Amulet of Aggthora was a legendary jewel renowned for its powers of augury. In the year 957 the Amulet was in the possession of Belboz, and is known to have glowed when near his location. This property of the Amulet was crucial in the defeat of Jeearr.

King Anatinus - According to the legend of Wishbringer, the platypus Anatinus was once the King of Misty Island, and husband to Queen Alexis. Anatinus is best-noted for his decree that anyone claiming the hand of his daughter must fulfill a Love-Quest of Alexis' choosing. This decreed led to the death of six young knights.

It is also known that a King Anatinus, presumably a descendant of the original King, reigned on the island during the time of The Evil One. Princess Tasmania, the king's daughter, was twice rescued from dangers by a human postal worker. The most important event of the reign of this Anatinus was his generous award to the postal worker who saved his daughter. By bestowing the human with a wizard's hat, Anatinus helped him to bring about the downfall of The Evil One in the nearby village of Festeron.

Antharia, the Island Province, is 959 square bloits of beautiful land right in the middle of the Great Sea. The weather in Antharia is picture-perfect, except for an occasional hurricane in late summer. Tourists to Antharia bring in a remarkable business. No trip is complete without a visit to the shipbuilding factories of South Anthar, the marble mines in the Peltoid Valley, the port of Marba, and the Bella Quease. Mid-spring in Antharia brings the Marble Pageant, followed in the summer by shark-wrestling in the Flathead Stadium.

Antharia became a part of the Great Underground Empire in 665, when the forces of Duncanthrax vanquished the Antharian Armada at the famous battle of Fort Griffspotter. Up to that time the island-nation of Antharia was the world's premier sea power, and this victory gave Duncanthrax undisputed control of the Great Sea, and put the superb ship-building facilities of Antharia at his disposal. The conquest of Antharia also gave the kingdom access to Antharia's famed granola mines. Unfortunately, no one in Quendor liked granola.

For many years now Antharia has been ruled by a council of four "Elders" - one from the Shipbuilding Guild, one from the Granola Miners Guild, one from the Marble Cutters Guild, and one from a popular waterfront pub called "Emu's". Spenseweed is the official flower of Antharia, and the island's motto is "Hieya wizka," which translates to "Hello sailor." The capital of Antharia is Anthar.

Antharia University, Ralph Waldo Flathead's alma mater, is known for an academic program specializing in obscure degrees such as Doctor of Idyllic Poetry, Doctor of Excellent Elegies, and Doctor of Octameter Odes. This University is possibly one of the elite Moss-League colleges, but our research team is not yet positive about this.

Antharian Cave Witches live in dark holes high in the mountains of Antharia. These witches, usually very antisocial, can sometimes be summoned by coughing.

The Aragain Brothers Circus employs a trainer of real, live grues. Obviously, this Circus is a big purchaser of Grue Protection Kits from the Frobozz Magic Grue Accessories Company.

The Aragain Falls is the most breathtaking and awesome waterfall in the known lands. It lies at the end of the Frigid River, where it flows from its underground source near Flood Control Damn #3. The Falls were a favorite honeymoon spot during the 8th and 9th centuries, often called the Honeymoon Capital of the GUE. The Falls are quite dangerous and, despite a warning buoy, many adventurers raft off the falls to their deaths.

Aragain Village - Please see the entry on Flatheadia.

Ardis was a member of the Guild of Poets in 966. He gave a speech to the Final Conclave of enchanters about the failure of magical rhyming and spelling aids.

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