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The Eastlands comprise those provinces which lie on the eastern shore of the Great Sea, such as Flatheadia, and the Fublio Valley.

Egreth Castle served as the seat of royal power from the reign of Duncanthrax (who moved the capital from Largoneth in 660 GUE) through the reign of Dimwit (who moved the capital to Flatheadia in 771 GUE). Egreth was, and still is, reputed to be the most dangerous locale in the kingdom. Protected from hostile invaders from the sea by Fort Griffspotter, Egreth also happened to be the major sight in the Westlands of the vast tunneling project implemented by Duncanthrax to move the Empire underground. In the caverns near Egreth can be found the famous Glass Maze, Bozbarland, and the Great Underground Highway #2.

It is of slight historical interest to note that Egreth was best remembered in the magical community for the famed CoalWalkers of Egreth, a troupe who used magical aid to protect themselves while carrying out their stunts.

Eldritch Vapors dwell in cemeteries, moors, and other locales where fog will hide their evershifting forms. Two areas known to be frequented by eldritch vapors are the Festeron Cemetery and the marsh to the south of Grubbo-by-the-Sea. Gleeful and mischievous, the vapors enjoy snatching away the possessions of those foolish enough to wander into their realm. Visitors without possessions are themselves snatched away.

Elves are a mysterious race of magical humanoids. It is reasonable to assume that elves are natives of the Eastlands, but none have ever been encountered there. The only definitely known elvish relic is a magical sword found in the Eastlands that glows when evil is nearby. However, rumors about elves abound. One Accardi weapons shop also claims to sell swords of elvish make. The authenticity of these claims have not been verified.

The Enchanters' Guild can trace its roots to the reign of Entharion, over 900 years ago. It was in that era that scholars penned the first writings on the mystic subject of magic. Throughout the centuries the advancement of Thaumaturgy suffered many setbacks. (See Appendix D on Magic) One of these setbacks, King Duncanthrax's Unnatural Acts, indirectly led to the foundation of the Enchanters' Guild.

When the ban on magic decreed by Duncanthrax was loosened towards the end of the seventh century, the great thaumaturge Vilboz was able to form a legitimate organization to aid the scientific approach to the study of magic. This organization was the first chapter of the Guild of Enchanters, founded in the tiny hamlet of Accardi-By-The-Sea. Since that day, additional chapters have usually been located in similar small villages, since the bustle of city life interferes with an Enchanter's work ("Excuse me, I locked my keys in my house. Could you please rezrov my door?").

From the earliest days of the Guild, Enchanters have been bound by a series of governing tenets. The first tenet states that Enchanters may never use their talents to aid evil. The second points out that an Enchanter's duty is to the Guild and to the Kingdom, not to the individual. Lesser tenets include rules for conducting votes at meetings, guidelines for passing dishes at Guild banquets, and penalties for revealing the Guild's secret handshake.

Thanks to the spread of the Guild, use of magic by lay people became more prevalent. One such lay person made a mistake that caused the devastating Endless Fire of 773 GUE. To ensure that such mistakes would never happen again, Lord Dimwit Flathead issued a series of edicts that entrusted all use of magic to the various Guilds of Enchanters, thus preventing magic use by the common person. These Guilds, whose elders comprised the so-called Circle of Enchanters, was empowered to form schools for the training of new Enchanters.

This official sanctioning of the Guilds led to the formation of numerous other chapters, with membership in various Guilds in excess of 2000 by the year 800. Only one example is Dimithio, who single-handedly founded an Enchanters' Guild in the huge metropolis of Borphee. By this time the old chapters in Thriff and Accardi had become highly influential, and helped to bring stability to the land following the turbulence created by the collapse of the Great Underground Empire in 883.

However, when the tenth century rolled around the Guild began to face some problems. Although it was underwriting many philanthropic foundations and running many accredited thaumaturgical universities, not everybody was pleased with the way things were going. For instance, the 115th Convention of Enchanters and Sorcerors in 957 GUE was plagued with pranks and magical oneupmanship between various chapters. Barbel of Gurth, a Guildmaster and elder member of the Circle of Enchanters, commented that he was "disgusted" with the state of affairs in the Enchanters' Guild.

Many complained of a lack of communication between the chapters, while some junior enchanters grumbled about "leadership stagnation." These complaints were directed at Barbel, who had been a Guildmaster since 933, and Belboz, who had led the Circle of Enchanters since 952, and had been a Guildmaster for 47 years. These people felt that the lifetime appointment of Guildmasters was far too long.

However, the year 957 saw events that many interpreted as a rebirth for the Guild. One junior guildmaster, who had defeated Krill only a few years before, rescued Belboz from the clutches of the demon Jeearr, and became the new Head of the Circle. Unfortunately, this period of rebirth was short-lived. In 966 the new Head of the Circle set in motion a chain of events that brought about the end of the Guild, and the end of the Age of Magic. As these events were unfolding, a Final Conclave of the Guild of Enchanters in Borphee acted to preserve the sum of all knowledge of the Guilds forever in the famed Coconut of Quendor. Thus, although the Enchanters' Guild has come to an end in this Age, another age after the fall of Science will be able to make use of their powers.

The Enchanters' Retreat is an old stone structure perched high in the Flathead Mountains. For generations, retired (or even burnt-out) enchanters have gone there to breathe the clean mountain air, watch the stars, and rest from their exertions. The appointments are simple, the fare in unsophisticated, and those there are always content. After the defeat of Jeearr in 957, the famous mage Belboz himself sought refuge in the Retreat.

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The Endless Fire destroyed the city of Mareilon in 773 GUE, after raging for 4 weeks. It was later found out that the fire had been started by a civil servant on 18 Estuary, who thought he was casting the ZEMDOR spell ("turn original into triplicate") but who, instead, cast the ZIMBOR spell ("turn one really big city into lots of tiny, little ashes"). The Fire led Lord Dimwit Flathead (the Excessive) to issue a series of 5,521 edicts over the following few weeks, which had the effect of severely limiting access to magic, and, incidentally, lawyers. Henceforth, all magic was entrusted to the various Guilds of Enchanters.

Entharion the Wise united many warring tribes, including the rival city-states of Galepath and Mareilon, thus forming the kingdom of Quendor. As the first king of Quendor, Entharion built the castle Largoneth, near the ancient cities of Galepath and Mareilon, and ruled over a kingdom which was little more than what is currently the province of Frobozz. According to earlier, erroneous entries in the Encyclopedia Frobozzica, Entharion and his legendary blade Grueslayer eradicated grues from the face of the world. Unfortunately for many adventurers, this is not true. Our current calendar dates from the first year of Entharion's reign, which ended in 41 GUE. He was succeeded by Mysterion the Brave.

The Ethereal Plane of Atrii is an alternate plane of existence that has specific locations that coincide with the same locations in the real world. However, the geometry and very nature of space in the Ethereal Plane is different in an indescribable way. Those who have mastered transcendental physics can easily jump back and forth from the Ethereal Plane to the real world via magic curtains called Dimension Doors, or through the use of a Scroll of Gating. These transcendental voyagers report that solid objects from the Ethereal Plane appear only as vague outlines in our world, and vice versa. The Plane of Atrii, home of the Implementors, is also the way of Orkan of Thriff was so easily able to transport his entire village anywhere he desired in our world. It has been discovered that a transcendental traveler, upon magically entering the Plane of Atrii, can easily return to the real world via magic curtains specially designed to provide a one-way trip.

The Evil One is the sorceress responsible for the magical transformation of the Antharian village of Festeron into the dismal nightmare known as Witchville. It is known that The Evil One and others like her sought Wishbringer, the Stone of Dreams, known to be in possession of the proprietor of the local Magick Shoppe, who also happened to be The Evil One's sister. In order to gain control of the Stone, The Evil One kidnapped her sister's cat, Chaos, and held her ransom. Thanks to the bravery and cunning of a local postal service employee, The Evil One's plan was foiled. The cat Chaos was returned to its rightful owner, Witchville was transformed back into Festeron, and Wishbringer was kept out of the hands of The Evil One forever.

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