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The Palimpsest is a very powerful tool of magic. One of the best known examples of a palimpsest, dealing with transcendental physics, is a Scroll of Gating that takes the caster to the Ethereal Plane of Atrii. This palimpsest, although not as robust as a Dimension Door, is one of the very few known ways to contact the Implementors, and is extremely powerful indead.

Paskalds are similar to kobolds, except they are less aggressive and their middle toe is of equal length to the toes that flank it.

Peggleboz, a popular game of jumping pegs, is named after its creator, Gustav Peggleboz (399 - 456 GUE).

Peltoid Valley is the site of huge marble mines in Antharia.

The Phase Blade is a tool useful to those who travel in the Ethereal Plane of Atrii. This blade can be used to cut through particular routes of travel on that Plane, but in this Plane of existence a phase blade is virtually useless, and appears as nothing more than a vague outline.

The Phee River joins with the Bor River to form the Borphee River in the Westlands. At the confluence of the Phee and the Bor lies the ruins of the ancient city-state of Pheebor. The Phee River is spanned by one of Zeno's magic bridges.

Pheebor Ruins of this ancient city are still visible at the confluence of the rivers Phee and Bor. Founded well over a thousand years ago, this city started out merely as a collection of huts in a forest clearing, and gradually grew over the years until it was a magnificent city with mighty aqueducts and beautiful marble and stone spires. The beginning of the end for this great city-state came when a controversy arose between Pheebor and its sister city Borphee over the naming of what is now called the Borphee River. The population of Pheebor reasoned that they controlled the source of the One River, so they deserved the right to name it. Unsurprisingly, the citizens of Borphee disagreed. About 400 years before the reign of Entharion the conflict was resolved by a massive battle between the forces of the two cities. Pheebor was vanquished when a young knight from Borphee beheaded Prince Foo, Pheebor's ruler. All that is left now of the great city-state are ruins.

The Pheehelm once belonged to Prince Foo, ruler of Pheebor circa 400 BE. This ancient relic was lost when Prince Foo was killed, only to be recovered over 1300 years later by a humble peasant. Those who have seen the Helm report that it is a dazzling treasure, so heavily crusted with jewels it is hard to see the precious metals underneath. Wearers of the Pheehelm are granted the wisdom of kings, and the power to see the unseeable.

The Phee Hourglass is a relic of the ancient city-state that it is named after. This beautiful miniature hourglass, wrought of brass and crystal, and filled with fine, white sand, has been sold for 1000 zorkmids, but its true value is incalculable. It was once thought that the Hourglass would remain forever a mystery, part of a greater, unknowable Magick. However, in the year 966 GUE a humble peasant-turned-adventurer discovered that with the Hourglass you could travel in time, back to the days of the founding of Pheebor, and forward to the Final Conflagration.

Phlog is an alcoholic beverage frequently indulged in by enchanters in celebratory moods.

Zylo Pickthorn was an architect of the ninth century, well-known for his underground condominium complexes. Pickthorn is an avid enthusiast of jousting, chess, and tiddlywinks, and has been known to incorporate some or all of these themes into his designs.

The Plane of TransInfinite Splendor is a magical realm where unicorns enjoy a carefree existence free from the cruelty of man. The following is a completely trivial fact related to the Planes of Splendor: In 966 a humble peasant became the first person in recorded history to defeat a monkey grinder. He did so by magically banishing the grinder to the Planes of Splendor, where the unicorns presumably kept him in captivity for all eternity.

The Platypus is a small, aquatic, intelligent, egg-laying mammal with webbed feet and a bill like a duck's. It is a well-kept secret that in two separate locations, groups of platypi have clustered together into kingdoms governed from magnificent castles. These two platypi kingdoms can be found in the Mithicus Mountains, and on Misty Island in Antharia. Historical trivia tells us that these platypi played an indirect role in the respective defeats of The Evil One, and a monstrous Ur-Grue. Generally the platypi remain separate from mankind, but occasionally a platypus tale enters the lore of man. To this day it is not known if the Legend of Wishbringer concerns humans or platypi.

Plumbat is the site of enormous granola smelters in Antharia near the granola mines of that island.

The Polar Gumffbeast is a creature, possibly mythical, said to live in the extreme northlands of Quendor.

Pollibar is the prized pet parrot of Belboz, the great mage. The parrot is a native of the jungles of Miznia, but was brought to live with Belboz in Accardi.

Popular Enchanting was the most widely circulated magazine among enchanters, featuring editorials, interviews, book reviews and advertisements. The magazine's standard cost was 3 Zm, but was priced at 5 Zm for sale outside of Frobozz.

Port Foozle, which lies nine bloits west of Flatheadia, is the primary seaport of the Frigid River Valley, and is a common departure point for ships to Antharia. Hard times hit Port Foozle in 883 GUE when the panic concerning Curse Day grew. The wharfs and the world-famous Port Foozle Casino were deserted. Foozle became the center of a lunatic religious fringe called the Inquisition (See Appendix E), which understandably led to Port Foozle's decline in popularity. Incidentally, chroniclers of magic remember Foozle as the home of the Fisha wand company.

Potions are the most accessible form of magic for the masses, since they are simply drunk like water. No lessons in complicated spellcasting are required. These liquids and powders are of great interest, although their limitations (you can only use them once) have prevented them from supplanting scrolls as the primary method of magical Incantation. Discovered several years after Berzio created the GNUSTO spell, the first of these potions, which obviates the need for food and drink, was named after Berzio himself. A partial list of potions can be found in Appendix D.

The Prevaricons, who dwell underground near Port Foozle, have two interesting quirks: They always lie, and they feed unwelcome visitors to ravenous hellhounds.

Priggin: A Master Bookbinder and authorized dealer of CHEVEAUX leather binding. Priggin's dealership was based in Miznia, and advertised in the well-known magazine Popular Enchanting, in the year 957.

Psychic Storms of Gomar The Frobozz Magic Magic Equipment Catalog refers to this unknown place in a vague manner. The Catalog states that not even the Psychic Storms of Gomar can deflect a FrobozzCo flying carpet from its course.

The Pterodactyl is a flying reptile having wings of skin with a span of up to 20 feet. Sometimes these beasts are targets for archers, which is unfortunate because, as seen in 966 GUE, they can be beneficial to humans. In that year a humble peasant found a pterodactyl that could be summoned by a whistle, and would agree to fly the peasant anywhere on three, but only three occasions. This beast, along with presumably its entire race, was intelligent and could communicate telepathically. However, it was incredibly afraid of wild monsters. Pterodactyl are, on the whole, rather rare. The only other known sighting was in 883 GUE, when a pack of the beasts were seen taking nest on the top of the statue of Dimwit Flathead in Fublio Valley.

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