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The Caves of Vision are the source of crystal of legendary quality. Crystal from the Caves of Vision is used by the Frobozz Magic Equipment Company to make crystal balls, or magic monitors.

Cerberus was the three-headed dog guarding the gates of Hades, but in recent years he has been employed as the guardian of the tomb of the Twelve Flatheads.

Chaos is the cat of the owner of Festeron's Ye Olde Magick Shoppe. This cat, all black save a white spot on its forehead, was kidnapped by The Evil One as a part of her plan to control Wishbringer, the Stone of Dreams. To do this, The Evil One turned Chaos into a stone sculpture, and the only way to bring the cat back to life was to insert Wishbringer into the sculpture's forehead. A heroic Festeron postal employee accomplished this task, managed to resist The Evil One, and returned Chaos to its rightful owner.

Chess is an ancient game of warfare, played on a checkered field of 64 squares. The noted architect Zylo Pickthorn used the chessboard as the basis for his Rockville Estates construction plan. It is also known that Lord Dimwit Flathead had a magical life-size chess set that could be accessed by donning a magic robe.

Chocolate Truffles grow only between the roots of oak trees. Dark brown when fresh, they decompose rapidly once exposed to air. Truffles were a favorite of the kings of the Flathead Dynasty, particularly Lord Dimwit Flathead the Excessive, who ordered the excavation of entire forests to indulge his bottomless appetite. Chocolate truffles have been found mainly in the Westlands, in forests near Gurth City and Thriff.

Christmas Tree Monster - Vast herds of these luminous vegetables roam freely amid the glacial valleys of the south. Residents fear the autumn migrations, in which the trees cheerfully trample everything in their path. Christmas tree monsters are repelled by caterpillars, but nobody can explain why. The most recent sighting of these creatures was in 966 GUE, when a horde of 69,105 of the creatures descended on Thriff village. For a few days the village was protected by magic glyphs designed by the enchanter Orkan, but then a nearby volcanic eruption caused the entire horde to burn to death.

Coast Road - There are actually two such roads in the Great Underground Empire. The first one, in Antharia, is a very famous and well-traveled thoroughfare, just north of Anthar. It leads into the capital and passes by famous Flathead Stadium on the western coast of Antharia. The Coast Road in the Westlands connects Borphee with the ancient cities to the north as well as Gurth and Mithicus to the south.

The Coconut of Quendor - For many years historians, though reluctant to dismiss the Coconut outright, regarded its historical existence as dubious at best. Orkan of Thriff has suggested that if all the "Shards of The One True Coconut" and "Vials of The Blessed Milk" were gathered in one place, they would form a stack nine bloits high. Orkan and Gustar Woomax, the leading chronicler of Coconut lore, was one of the privileged few who were on hand in 966 GUE when the existence of the Coconut was actually verified. For years the Coconut had been in the possession of a group of Implementors on the Ethereal Plane of Atrii. In 966 an ur-grue, whose motives are not entirely understood, stole the Coconut and secreted it deep under the Mithicus Mountains. An obscure peasant was able to recover the Coconut, which was then used to store the sum of all human knowledge from the Age of Magic. It is believed that the shell of the Coconut is impervious to the passage of time, and thus the knowledge of Magic will survive the Age of Science, and be rediscovered by generations in the distant future.

Compass Rose - The stem of this rare annual always droops in the direction of the prevailing wind. It is a proven fact that the compass rose can indeed control the wind. This is hotly denied by the Guild of Meteorologists, who harvested the species to the brink of extinction in the Rose Riots of 811 GUE. The only known surviving bush of the species is somewhere in the Fields of Frotzen. This species of rose is often confused with another type of compass rose, a stone or metallic carving depicting all of the cardinal directions like a compass. These "roses" often have magical properties, and are usually found in remote underground caverns.

Giant Corbies are carrion birds with sharp eye-sight and sharper beaks. Their color vision is so well developed, they can spot a yellow grotch in a hayfield from 200 bloits, away. Corbies prefer the taste of dead, rotting flesh, but have been known to feast on live, running adventurers. However, it is now known that corbies are intensely afraid of certain colors. Anybody garbed in the appropriate color will be safe from the threat that is present in places such as the Fields of Frotzen, where packs of corbies are always seen circling low in the skies.

"Corky" Crisp was once the chief of the Festeron Postal Service. Crisp was an ugly man with a harsh temper. When Festeron was transformed into Witchville by The Evil One, Crisp was put to work torturing The Evil One's prisoners. It is known that "Corky" was romantically involved with Violet Voss, the town librarian.

Cruel Puppet - Few creatures are more despised than the cruel puppet. It attacks by twisting itself into unflattering caricatures of its opponents, accompanied by jeers, rude noises and shocking accusations. Staunch monarchs have been reduced to tears by these merciless shapeshifters. Residents of Gurth City have been warned away from the forest to the north, a known home to cruel puppets.

Cubes of Foundation - When the foundations of the world were laid down, the elemental powers and forces were symbolized during the making by small, white cubes. The cubes and the forces were merged in a way that our knowledge no longer comprehends. When the making was done, the cubes were hidden away so that their powers could not be tampered with.

Unfortunately, in the year 966, the evil "shadow" of the Head of the Circle of Enchanters gained access to several of these cubes. Almost immediately he was able to affect great changes in the workings of magic. In order to seize control of the universe, he was able to trick the Head of the Circle to unknowingly gather these cubes from all corners of the known world, and beyond. This shadow-being then attempted to meld all of the cubes into one, in order to give him power over the forces of the universe. The Head of the Circle was able to prevent this from taking place, but he was unable to prevent the alteration of the cubes in such a way that destroyed the fabric of magic.

It is hoped that no future generations will choose to gain control over the Cubes of Foundation. The first such attempt, described already, brought an end to the entire Age of Magic. The next attempt might lead to the destruction of the entire universe as we know it.

Curse Day is the anniversary of the death of Lord Dimwit Flathead the Excessive on the 14th of Mumberbur. On that date in 779 GUE the great wizard Megaboz cast a mighty Curse. This Curse killed the Twelve Flatheads and eventually, in 883 GUE, brought about the collapse of the Empire and the destruction of Flatheadia. The Curse Day of 883 GUE marks the last day of the reign of Wurb Flathead, and the beginning of the influence of the first Dungeon Master.

A Cyclops is a one-eyed giant. Although fairly rare in the Great Underground Empire, they presented quite a problem when encountered. The average cyclops would quite willingly devour an average human, and love every bit of it. So much of a nuisance were cyclops, that quite often one could find advertisements in Popular Enchanting posted by people looking for enchanters for cyclops eradication work. Throughout the years only two methods of avoiding a cyclops have proven effective. One could either feed it something other than oneself, or trick it into believing that you are Odysseus, its race's ancient nemesis. One of the few cyclops specimens found in the wild was one that had taken residence in the Great Underground Empire in the Eastlands after the fall of the Empire.

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